About Emma

P1030110‘I have been practising my own Pilates for over 10 years now. Following a skiing accident in my early 20s, where I crushed two spinal vertebrae, I found myself in constant pain by my late 20s. Purely by accident I discovered Pilates while living on Vancouver Island and since then, I now live a pain free lifestyle of which I never thought would be possible – all thanks to Pilates.’

Emma qualified as a Body Control Pilates teacher in 2011, after which she shortly began running regular mat classes from The Studio in Tattenhall. Her other passion in life is her horse-riding, having ridden as a small girl, it has always been a part of her life, with a short interlude while she worked for the pharmaceutical industry. Knowing how much Pilates helped her with her active lifestyle, in 2012 she qualified as an Equipilates™ Registered Trainer, to help riders get the most from their riding, whether they are a happy hacker or a competitive rider, Equipilates™ can help all ages and disciplines.

With Ride With Your Mind (RWYM) Rider Biomechanics, Emma combines her passion for horse-riding with how the body functions into one activity. She is currently a ‘teacher in training ‘with Mary Wanless, world renowned coach and author of Ride with Your Mind books.