Hi Emma, Just had to let you know how helpful I’m finding Pilates. Have had a very busy 2 days at work with lots of bending and time on my feet. I came home feeling stiff + quite sore. Have just done 15 minutes on the mat + my back feels so much better, really supple + relaxed. Thank you!

I don’t know what it is you do and it appears that I am doing inconsequential movements but the difference you have made to my life is astonishing.

I have always felt that there were issues with my body which were causing me to be uneven when riding and negatively impacting my horses. I have tried many things including yoga, going to the chiropractor, dressage lessons with experienced trainers etc but with limited success ,until I met Emma and Equipilates.™ The key difference I have found with Equipilates™ is that someone is looking at my body specifically in relation to riding and the exercises given are tailored to my individual needs. The exercises have really helped my evenness in the saddle, lateral work, where I previously struggled to do well both ways, and core strength which has helped me to contain a strong horse round a course of show jumps without using too much hand or a strong bit! I like Equipilates™ because it allows me to work on improving my riding without actually getting on a horse and I notice a real improvement in the way my horses go as a result. Emma is a great teacher who is very enthusiastic, has an obvious passion for her work and explains the exercises and reasons for doing them really well. I highly recommend!

Having practised Equiplates ™ with Emma, for over 4 months, I can honestly say it has vastly improved my riding. My position is much better and I am now so much more aware of sitting on my seat bones. My horse has improved too, by working over her back and stretching down for herself. Alongside the Equipilates ™ , I have also taken Emma’s Core Stability class, this has helped me to release tension in muscles that I have over worked and greatly improved my general movement and sense of well being. I will certainly be continuing with both these classes.

I started having rider biomechanics lessons with Emma in conjunction with Equipilates. I have ridden for over 30 years both show jumping and dressage and whilst moderately successful, I have hit a ceiling with all the horses I have owned. Biomechanics lessons with Emma have enabled me to finally break through that ceiling! The impact on my horse’s way of going as a result of the changes Emma has made to my position have been astounding. No longer do I need to resort to just my hands or legs in those moments when I can’t see a stride to a fence or a leg yield is going awry! I now have so many more tools in my tool box. Emma is an excellent teacher. She explains things clearly, is very enthusiastic and it is obvious she has a genuine love of her work and a real desire to help the people she teaches.