Rider Biomechanics

With Ride with Your Mind (RWYM) Rider Biomechanics, I combine my passion for horse-riding with how the body functions into one activity.

The ‘Ride With Your Mind’ approach was pioneered by world renowned coach and author Mary Wanless. RWYM Biomechanics coaching is effective for both the happy hacker and competitive rider.

Both Pilates and Equipilates ™ encourages mind-body connections, to help you become aware of your body and how it responds to movement. RWYM moves body awareness onto the horse and shows any rider how to organise their body and mind in the same way as the so called ‘talented’ riders do, enabling each rider to learn the same feels and achieve the same the results. Learning this method does not take talent, just listening to your body and your horse’s. From your lesson you will gain improvements in body awareness, concentration and core muscle strength which will improve the quality of your riding seat and your horse’s response to your body.

For more information: www.marywanless.com

RWYM Rider Biomechanics Lesson

I started my teacher training with Mary Wanless in September 2010 and have loved it ever since. The changes it has made to my own riding, has been more than I could imagine, it really helped me break through some areas of my riding, which I never really got!

I am a teacher in training of Mary’s method and not yet an accredited coach.

  • RWYM Biomechanics Lesson. Cost £20 for a 45 minutes session within a 10 mile radius of CW6 9RZ.
    For yards more than 10 miles away, travel costs will apply, however these will be kept to a minimum.
    I am fully insured and first aid qualified.

To arrange a RWYM Rider Biomechanics lesson please contact me here.